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Dept of Health & Lies

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Of Health & Lies

As if you ever needed it, yesterdays post (o2/07/13) brought in the absolute proof that the Dept of Health are so out of touch with reality it is a wonder that they have not only just learned of the possibilities of the ‘smallpox vaccine’!


The post brought a stunning reply from one Oliver Ray, who stated that the “information given to you by my colleagues is the most up-to-date and accurate available….”



Let us just recap on what they sent (stated) shall we?


  • reduced exposure to SHS (on average between 73% & 91% for bar workers…
  •  significant changes in attitudes and behaviour of smokers
  • a significant drop in hospital admissions for heart attacks
  • no clear adverse impact on the hospitality industry  


a)… Now let’s see, if no-one is allowed to smoke indoors then the reduced exposure to SHS can only be 100% – can it not?


b)… The only significant change in attitudes & behavious is that smokers don’t bother with the pubs/clubs anymore, and now enjoy smokey/drinky’s in private surroundings!


c)… So the Dept of Health are quite happy to use spurious information that bears no relevance to the truth whatsoever so as to keep up a pretence that the smoking ban is the best piece of legislation since sliced bread was invented-when in actual fact it is the worst!


d)… No clear evidence? I see that the DofH relies on the utterly ridiculous wordage of a highly paid ‘stooge’ in Stirling University (and high profile member of Tobacco Control) for their information, rather than the cold hard facts from street level, where 12,000+ businesses have disappeared.

It is blatantly obvious from the above letter that governments care nothing about truth, which means that they might as well ‘do away’ with the legal system and any laws involving smoking/smokers as everything to do with this smoking ban law is based on misinformation, untruths & lies. As Godber requested in 1975 ….. “… an atmosphere has been fostered”, a myth has been born and they (government) are not going to allow truth to get in the way!

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