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Sniper the ‘Flappers’

Sniper the Flappers


(an amusing reversal!)


A very amusing offering

          Not too long ago (July, 2011) there was uproar as some no-mark local hack decided to make a name for himself with an article advancing the smoking ban theory somewhat by simply shooting smokers! Alan Dee’s solution is simply to ‘license’ a death squad in order that any person seen smoking should be ‘popped between the eyes‘. Not a novel idea by any means, but a very disturbing one in times of ever tightening financial restrictions as more and more of our enjoyments come under the microscope of the health loony’s.

         Would he also ‘licence’ smokers & non smokers to avenge the rape of a female bar worker forced outside to enjoy her cigarette break? Or, does her being raped not matter because she smoked?




Only went outside for a cigerette brutallly raped!



Let’s see now, we can’t smoke here or there, we can’t have as much salt on our meals or in our foodstuffs, fats are to be avoided at all costs, alcohol has now been unitised (not by any scientific calculation by the way!) and we are basically being told what to eat, what to drink, when to do and even when NOT to do it. “Great” Britain??? humph! We are changing our whole culture and will soon be known as Great Stepford-especially with such a wittering old woman as Lansley (now deposed) at the helm of the Health Ministry!


Back in 1975 when the Godber Blueprint was unveiled at the World Health Organisation conference, the aim then was not to push smokers out of sight, it was too slowly but surely eradicate smokers/smoking altogether-even Deborah Arnott admitted such on the radio!


What would YOU do with THIS, given the opportunity?

Well folks another turning point has come – as the wheel of life always turns, it means that for every bad action there is a good one on its way. Imagine the horror of the anti-prohibitionists when the PCC (Press Complaints Commission) refused to bring the journalist (Alan Dee) to book with his highly inflammatory article, and worse still, the local plod refused to accept that said journalist was inciting hatred or discrimination against a section of society or, in fact doing anything wrong at all !

Game on!


We have billionaires all over the world, some are eccentric some are not, some care about one thing, some another but this one cares about what is happening to our society as he sees it literally ‘going down the pan‘. He is not happy, in fact, he is not happy at all as he sees everything he grew up with destroyed, bit by bit, by people who obviously have no idea of what being a liberal minded person actually means. Some people smoke, some drink, some drink & smoke, some gamble, some smoke drink & gamble, some retire to a religious faculty for all life, in other words we are all different but we all try to get along with each other and therefore put up with each other’s little foibles! The smoking ban has changed all that. With 75% of the population being non-smokers it has been easy to convince the idiot faction that the smoker standing ten feet away is going to poison you, in fact, you will be lucky if you actually get home alive! So gullible are the majority of people that many actually fear for their miserable lives – you actually see them all around, they are the ones who flap their arms about as if trying ‘beat up’ the smoke that might come near them. They are pathetic!



As I said earlier, our billionaire has had enough of this and has devised a nice little earner for all smokers and others that are totally racked off with the ‘control freakery’ we are being subjected to on a daily basis. Alan Dee gave him the idea and we now know that it cannot be deemed illegal or improper to advise anti prohibitionists-how wonderful! Thank you so much Alan Dee, you are a clever little man for paving the way for the oppressed. What is it you are doing now? Oh yes, that’s right-the TV reviews for your local rag!


“Snipers could soon snuff out prohibitionists”


This is a very simple game indeed. All you need is to write to our extremely friendly billionaire who will furnish you with an “FD-200”  or a “7.62Tkiv85” (both highly effective at distance) – smaller arms are available if you fancy ‘seeing the whites of their eyes’; more personal thus more satisfaction guaranteed.  



Now all you do is take up a position outside the Shoreditch offices of ASH, 1st Floor, 144-145, Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE. You could actually nip into the building opposite and get yourself on the same level (first floor) as the termites ASHites-sort of a ‘level playing field’ I suppose! Make sure you have some sandwiches and a flask handy in case no termites ASHites pop their little heads above the parapet (well they might have already read this reaction to their meddling) as you will have to wait a while. Mind you, that could be even more fun when you think about it for you can train your sights on the doorway from 5pm onward and simple squeeze off a shot when a termite ASHite decides to leave its den of iniquity to go home.



Termite HillASH Scotland can be found at No8, Frederick Street, Edinburgh. EH2 2HB, strangely enough, not far from Princes Street-a street that had an abundance of smokers & boozers; once upon a time. If you look on the web site you’ll see that they provide a nice little map so that you can even pick your own vantage point before setting out from home!

Bannatyne-ex smoker who now despises smokers!

Now it would appear that ASH think of themselves as one step above the rest of us mere mortals for Termite Hill ASH Wales is on the second floor of the building at No8, Museum Place, Cardiff. CF10 3BG. Again, we can see that there are plenty of buildings to hide away in, around the termite ASH offices.  Having thought about it, the termites ASHites are probably on the 2nd floor so that a ceiling can be removed to allow that atrocious creature, who would deny his children an inheritance, Duncan Bannatyne to be able to stand up!

“Daddy won’t leave me a penny now!”

 The beauty of this exciting new game is that you never know who is going to be in your ‘cross-wires’ next, so, you never know what bonus points you will accrue!  Our billionaire awards £5 per point-yes it could be more I suppose but there really are so many anti-tobacco zealots out there that it ends up with a fiver a point being really quite generous! There is a scale as well, a hierarchy scale actually so if you bag a mere secretary you only get 2 pts but if you bag Arnott or Dockrell you get 25 pts. Just so that you don’t get confused, Deborah Arnott is on the left!




  Arnott                Dockrell

 Just think people, 50 whole points just sitting there looking at you. £250 for two ‘pops between the eyes’, it’s better than “You’ve been framed“! Alan Dee’s words may well come back to haunt him but then he didn’t care one iota about smokers when he wrote them off in such a fashion,  so he shouldn’t care when a few raving lunatic prohibitionists get ‘popped off’

           Up in Scotland you can earn another 50 points by ‘popping’ Sheila Duffy between the eyes for practise and then eradicate Shona Robison with ease and at will.




      Sheila Duffy                  Shona Robison


(Add the lying, manipulative Linda Bauld and you’ve got the 3 witches from MacBeth!)

       And if we nip into Wales we will find that obnoxious creature Bannatyne who has attached himself to ASH Wales and their resident preacher, on all topics smoking, Chief Medical Officer Mr Tony Jewell, yet another who is extremely happy to let businesses die on a regular basis just so long as he thinks he is protecting health! Our ‘leeky’ CMO wants Wales to be world leaders in banning smoking in cars, regardless of whether children be ensconced or not! He is yet another of the anti-tobacco brigade that totally ignores the absurdity of being surrounded in highly toxic exhaust fumes (that have killed plenty) against a bit of cigarette smoke that has never killed a soul!

            The hypocrisy is truly insurmountable. So peoples, there are another 50 easy points to garner, another £250 from our generous billionaire. I can see it now, Bannatyne laying there with a neat little red hole between the eyes with Tony Jewell leaning over him wondering whether to try the kiss of life or simply ‘reef his pockets’ for a bit of extra wedge! Hang on-Bannatyne-cash (?)-no chance!



                             Bannatyne         Jewell

 You see, it is so simple to quieten these puppets down a bit even though they have cavernous mouths when it comes to preaching the gospel according to St Big Pharma who feed them all sorts of chemical nonsense-like untested smoke cessation pills by the name of Champix – a known killer! Big Pharma peddle death without turning a hair yet turn on the tobacco industry at every opportunity for funding, or even possibly funding anyone who dares to speak against them. However, Big Tobacco do not insult Big Pharma by doing the same-how strange that is!


 Our government is so far up Big Pharma’s backside that I am surprised David  CameronDame Sally Davies & Jeremy Hunt don’t walk around permanently sporting a brown nose, after all, why are we still paying them £millions for products that have a 98.4% FAILURE rate? Name any other business that would continue such transactions-you can’t, it is an atrocious waste of public funds and an insult to the hard working, tax paying people of this country.

 Snipering smokers amused the media for a couple of days but snipering the killjoys who are ruining this country is much more fun, for after wiping out that leach like, tax payer funded bunch of zealots known as ASH (who really couldn’t give a toss how many people are rendered unemployed as long as 1 person stops smoking), you could start at CRUK. Now CRUK are a slightly different kettle of fish-a kettle of fish where very few pennies of that precious £ you donate actually go toward finding a cure for cancer. They actually claim that 80p in every £1 goes directly to research but how can it when out £433,000,000 (2011), £108,000,000 went on wages alone?

 Interestingly, when you contact CRUK via email, their reply, apart from initial contact thanks, concerns money, money & money!


a…..Find out how to make a donation


b…..Visit our online shop


c…..Get involved in local fundraising


Perhaps they need to rebrand themselves as ABBA!


CRUK, though no doubt an admiral cause, are simply another bunch of people who simply refuse to bang the drum about vehicular fumes poisoning the atmosphere, or even that cancer is carried in the genes-despite new scientific findings to the contrary! Nope, they simply blame smokers & smoking yet if that were the case, how did Prof Konrad Jamrozic (an anti-smoking/anti-tobacco career professional) die from cancer? He lived, worked & breathed in a smoke free environment yet still capitulated to cancer-rather blows CRUK out of the water methinks!



(Konrad Jamrozik, non smoking, clean air fanatic-who died of cancer!)


Author of junk science extra-ordinaire – 1+1 = 11 !


But back to the game.


The most fun can obviously be had when simply roaming the streets, for you never know when you are going to espy some silly non-smoker flapping their arms about as they hysterically try to disperse a wisp of smoke that may be within ten feet of them. So when spotting a ‘flapper’ simply shout “Oi”, gain their attention for a second and neatly ‘pop them between the eyes‘ just as Alan Dee describes:

 “I confidently predict that having your head blown off while enjoying what you didn’t realise would be your last ‘flap’ would give ‘flappers’ an extra incentive to kick the habit!”


           ‘Flappersdidn’t come into being until July 1st, 2007, the day they were given a license to display their intolerance to a fellow mans’ preferences. They were suddenly, legally allowed to openly display contempt toward smokers, to express their hatred of all things smoking without retribution, but worst of all they were welcomed into a new band of ‘grass thy neighbour/publican’ tribe of people. These are those who kindly   allowed some old codger to smoke near the entrance of their hostelry as it was so cold outside they could freeze. This ‘new breed’ of intolerant, inhospitable smokers haters took delight in ensuring the law was enforced thus seeing their fellow man hauled before a court for judgement. Some even delighted in this abominable practice only then to bemoan the loss of their favoured drinking haunt due to their own bastardness!

 Invisible truth


Anyway, when you think about it, it IS about time the humble smoker fought back against this intolerable persecution, for persecution is exactly what it is. Even Professor Hilary Graham (a Dept of Health advisor) has declared that this law has ‘leperised’ smokers to such a degree that they are fast becoming ‘social outcasts’. Since 1st July, 2007 smokers have been hounded from pillar to post-and will continue to be so until direct action is taken! Our friendly billionaire has obviously seen this and has therefore planned a great strategy – “Flapper Snipering”. As he rightly points out, the media are not overly keen to report anything that might even be classed as siding with the much beleagured smoker but after ‘popping’ a few termites ASHites, CRUK’ers and a few ‘flappers‘ they might start to take some notice and report the truth-not simply what they think will pass for the truth!

I think our friendly billionaire will have to wait until after we have hosted the Olympic Games (at God only knows what cost) as Olympic venues will be ideal locations for terrorists to ply their evil trade. We could rebrand ‘the glorious twelfth’, the onset of the grouse shooting season. Well we could pop off a few grousers, you know the people, those that grouse about everything smoking-and both breeds flap!