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The Carnival is over folks!

This is a letter I sent to Carnival Cruises on behalf of all our members who enjoy a cigarette, a pipe, whatever, as Carnival Cruises have dipped their mucky little feet into the dark waters of Tobacco Control – I hope you make them pay dearly for their discrimination!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I have read today, with great dismay, your decision to forbid smokers from smoking on balconies on your cruise ships; that is a disgraceful decision! I am not a smoker but I certainly wouldn’t expect someone who pays extra money specifically to enjoy a balcony upon which to smoke, not to be able to smoke! A balcony constitutes an outside area where the air is fresh, the breeze is almost inevitable and any SHS (which has now been proven harmless) dissipates within seconds of expellation-so where do you get this balcony ban from I ask?

                Don’t waste your money on Carnival Cryuises anymore

                                       -they simply want to penalise smokers

Do I need to ask if ASH, CRUK or the ACS have been involved in lobbying your company or have your company simply decided that smoker are now second class citizens and deserve to be punished for being such?
You say that the majority wish it to be so, but in truth the majority of people DON’T smoke therefore you are simply pandering to the majority by oppressing the minority;ie, dictatorship ruling over democracy. I ask you this: would you deny a lesbian couple or a gay couple a balcony cabin because of their sexual orientation? I doubt it very much because there are strict laws about discrimination yet you openly discriminate against those who choose to smoke-from October onwards! Does this new rule also incorporate those who choose to drink alcohol whilst gazing at the oceans may I ask?

An ‘open air’ balcony-at extra cost to the holidaymaker!

You also state (and I find this absolutely ludicrous) that a $250 ‘fee’ will be imposed on any person found smoking on a balcony. Now I have to ask the question: On what grounds do you feel you can impose a $250 penalty? Unlike the preposterous $100 penalty for “room cleansing” where a hotel room supposedly needs almost fumigating, a balcony is not a room, it is an open air balcony where people sit/stand and relax, possibly taking in the view – so where does this illegal ‘fine/penalty’ come into force and under what jurisdaiction?

Duty free shopping-wall to wall fags & boozeCHEAP!

    I find that with this intolerable attitude spreading even to the cruise industry that the time has come to let the world know that people like you (“Carnival Cruises”) are not worthy of good honest folks business any longer as they only want to cater for those who are now deemed acceptable to society. I have emailed my complaint to your “GuestCare” department because you simply are NOT catering for your guests anymore, you are sectionalising them and restricting one sector completely. In a world where democracy is trumpeted from the highest tower and a land that is supposed to be “of the free” you are showing the world the complete opposite.
You leave me no option but to warn our thousands of members NOT to bother cruising with Carnival Cruises because, as Judith Durham once sang, “the carnival is over…..”
I look forward to your response at your earliest convenience.

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