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Birmingham Children’s Hospital -Disgrace!

The “Survey” that is actually a DISGRACE!    

     News has come through of a situation where all smokers, non smokers and believers in freedoms of choice need to come together to fight of the most absurd proposals put forward by the Birmingham Children’s Hospital who, with the support of the Birmingham City Council, want to BAN smoking in the two streets adjacent to the hospital itself! Look at the map provided and then make myour own minds up as to the validity of the ridiculous claim that SHS smokefree zone

from smokers is affecting the children within the hospital! Both streets are exceedingly well populated with traffic of all descriptions: traffic that spews out endless amounts of highly toxic exhaust fumes into the atmosphere. No doubt there is a regular bus service to the hospital and a quick ‘google’ provides us with:-

Getting to Birmingham Children’s Hospital by bus. 

no shortage of heavy, industrial toxocity there then!

     Looking a little deeper into this somewhat baseless problem we find that both Steelhouse lane & Whittall Street are a complete mixture of private homes, flats, shops, and industrial businesses (including a pub!) I assume, that by trying to ban all smioking in these two streets, the BCH & BCC are not at all bothered about the fact that all those people that either work or live in either street have rights: one of them being the right to choose to smoke if they so wish! Another small matter being that it is these people who live and work in these two streets that suffer from the effects of all the air pollution continuously produced and NOT the children safely tucked up in the hospital.

     This is a clear indication that this proposal by both bodies has absolutely nothing to do with health but everything to do with smoker-hatred, a new psychological disease created back in 2007 by an inept government (Blair) that simply could not be bothered with such trivialities as smokers rights etc. If it was about health then all traffic would have been banned along both these busy thoroughfares many moons ago.

     Incredibly, as they did in Brighton when ‘beach smoking was high on the agenda, the BCH & BCC have jointly put out a ‘survey’ (of sorts) to garner people’s opinions on this matter – it can be found here. When you actually read through this apology of a survey, for it is totally skewed to produce the required answers, you will see that it is almost as if the decision has been made and they simply want to know if you have any ideas for signage etc. However, there is the opportunity to fight back as ‘they’ have left boxes for you to comment in – and by God sir, you should use these opportunities to destroy their little games. Unfortunately myou have to answer every single question (even though not all options are included) or the survey will not ‘send’ but as I say, the ‘comments’ boxes give you the opportunity to object.

     We have been in touch with all three local papers but have had no response whatsoever: I shall ring them later today and ask if they have any interest in both sides of the story! We are also leading the charge as FOREST declined to do so because legal measures (and expenditure) were mentioned initially and we know just how much barristers etc cost!

We will be updating once I have spoken to all three newspapers:-

It seems that the “Express & Star” might be interested in our side of the story!


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