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Smokers Survey-yes it really is!


           A survey for us!

          At last we have the serious chance to let these ignoramus, self important dictators know exactly what we feel about the ridiculous smoking ban and all its intolerances. Our friend over at FOREST, Simon Clark, has got a decent survey going on which asks ALL the questions that really need to be asked-apart from a few that have been missed out. But, nevertheless, this is the first survey that asks if smokers actually enjoy smoking and haven’t been forced into a life of filth & slavery to that awful drug….. Tobacco! With Simon’s permission I have nicked a few choice passages to tempt your palate etc :

The Smokers’ Survey,” says Neil McKeganey, director of the Centre for Substance Use Research, “is a way of getting the voices of smokers heard above the clamour for ever greater regulation.”

We’re very keen that as many smokers as possible take part so here’s the blurb we’re sending friends of Forest this morning:

I would like to add my own bit here as I would like to see as many ex-smokers, now vaping, as possible filling in this survey for it is still a form of ‘smoking’ and as we know now for certain, it was never about the health risks it was all about perception; ie, suddenly it was not correct & proper to be seen smoking!

The survey is funded by Forest. The research however is being carried out independently by the Centre for Substance Use Research.

          We’re very keen that as many smokers as possible take part so here’s the blurb we’re sending friends of Forest this morning:

          ANTI-SMOKING campaigners like to bombard politicians and the media with ‘facts’ about smokers. The most common ‘statistic’ is that 70 per cent of smokers want to quit. More generally they like to give the impression that most smokers wish they’d never started. Some smokers probably do fall into one or both of those camps and if you want to quit smoking, or switch to a safer alternative such as electronic cigarettes, good luck to you. That’s entirely your choice. But it’s not the full story. Despite the well-known health risks many smokers say they enjoy smoking and have no wish to stop. Sadly their voices are usually drowned out by politicians, the public health industry and even the media who all think they know better.

So my friends, if you want your chance, after all these years, to have your say this is it! It’s anonymous so there is no co0mmittment but again, as with the Birmingham Hospital’s ridiculous ‘street smoking’  survey there are boxes for you to put in your own comments/thoughts. This is an option that ASH, CRUK, FRESH et al never give you as they simply decide for you that you always ‘really wanted to give up’!



          OK, so the war on the EU has been won and this country is set to depart the murky & corrupt political shores of ‘Club EU‘ but the war on returning people’s human rights is not over by a long chalk as we have seen in excess of 16,000 pubs, clubs & other businesses scythed down in the aftermath of that ridiculously thought out law – the Smoking Ban!


Britain at its best, a fag & a pint!

     Since that sorry day back in 2007 when smoking indoors was legally banned we have seen none of the promised falls in numbers of cancer cases – in fact they have increased!

     Since that sorry day back in 2007 when smoking indoors was legally banned we have seenASH/CRUK/FRESH et al stumbling around trying to cover up the mulitiude of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science produced to convince a majority of dumb & itgnorant MPs to vote for the ban – with no considerations for the welfare of businesses. The ban came into force on 1 July 2007, as announced on 30 November 2006 by former Secretary of State for Health Patricia Hewitt, who called it “a huge step forward for public health”. This is the woman who was happy to reduce the legal age of consent 10yrs of age – an age where children are rapidly chaging both in mind and body. This is also the woman that sat in a meeting with the Leicester clubs and promised to act upon their business concerns regarding a total smoking ban – she is/was obviously a totally baseless woman simply out to garner whatever financial glory (£3K per day) she could whilst in government!

     Portrayed as more dangerous than ‘sarin gas’, the anti smoking lobby tried to outdo each other on a daily/weekly basis by increasing the fear factor with regard to SHS as much as they thought ‘joe public’ could cope with – and believe you me, some of  ‘Joe Public’ were so stupid as to be simply unbelievable!

     Now, thankfully, the war on tobacco has decreased slightly as the lies etc have all been exposed and the boot is now firmly on the other foot. This organisation will offer UKIP every assistance in this matter and obviously hope to gain more members who are as equally sick of the anti smoking bile as we are!

More news to follow…..

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