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Let’s ask the question shall we?


How CONCERNED are you whether YOUR club CLOSES or NOT ?



I can’t make things much simpler than that for you can I ! If people haven’t yet realised that the smoking ban was the biggest single medical & social engineering con in modern history then there is something seriously wrong with the brain department.

 Remember when they ‘only’ wanted an aeroplane to be smoke free on “short-haul” flights in America (2 hrs or less)? Now look at California-$16bn in debt, banning smoking everywhere they can think of and want to legalise marijuana which would bring in vast amounts of revenue! Isn’t marijuana smoked – or do you now simply boil it and drink it like tea these days?

There is now a lunatic American who wants to ban ALL things that could prove dangerous-this is the slippery slope started by Sir George Edward Godber with his now infamous speech to the 1975 World Health Organisation delegates.

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(You have this to thank for the misery we have today!)

Let me explain folks: Godber was a tobacco hater, pure & simple. He disliked the smell of burning tobacco whether it be in a pipe, a ‘roll-up’ or a tailor made cigarette – yet he would happily tend the garden and light a bonfire for rubbish disposal purposes. Strangely he would also travel many miles by motor vehicle, and we all now know that the toxic discharge from a Double Decker bus (exhaust fumes) are the equivalent of 1,000,000 cigerettes smoked one after the other in a sealed compartment! Some hypocrit then, but sadly his anti smoking fervour attracted much attention from the delegates, thus his famous words have been advanced upon-much to many peoples utter disgust.


(The lie was born and adopted by the World Health Organisation)

[which of course automatically makes them liars!]

Note: essential to foster an atmosphere…

in other words, create an illusion of harm, create a myth that people will find believable, or simpler still ‘sucker the fools in’. And that is exactly what they, the World Health Organisation, have done by using all their little minions around the globe; ie Chapman, Glantz, Arnott, Duffy and other tobacco haters.

Now, at long last, perhaps ordinary mortal men & women can see for themselves that people in high powered places are easily able to dictate social structures & attitudes by picking on something that can be easily manipulated – smoking fits the bill perfectly!


  • Q:… How many people absolutely hate smoking?
  • Q:… How many people dislike smoking?
  • Q:… How many people do not mind either way?
  • Q:…How many people have ignored all government efforts &      still smoke?
  • Q:…How many of our clubs have closed since July 1st 2007?
  • Q:…How many of our clubs have had to apply for rebates to survive?

(read on folks please)


From convincing ignorant MPs (and the majority were totally ignorant of the fact that they had been cleverly duped, the rest were simply non smokers) that smoking was the new health scare and that smokers were the worst infestation since the ‘Great Plague’ of London, the health lunatics (especially Big Pharma) have found it a simple task to introduce all manner of ‘dangers to health’ that need banning or controlling or (the ultimate endgame) under the jurisdiction OF THE HEALTH SCAREMONGERS-BIG PHARMA!

Please tell me you are starting to get the picture now.

If you absolutely hate smoking/smokers then you are best to go and join forces with AS or CRUK or FRESH etc as you obviously have no place in a tolerant society (democracy) that is slowly being turned on its head so as to become a dictatorship.

A tolerant society looks at all aspects of personal freedoms and I’m afraid that smoking is one of them so what is wrong with our clubs having a separated room for smokers only? It worked very well in the post war years when almost every pub had a SNUG partitioned off from the bar/lounge areas. Why should our clubs suffer from a poorly implemented law that WILL bankrupt this country-and believe me it will (well, the smoking ban and something else!).

“What about the workers?” I hear you shout. Well what about them ? People have choices, they can work in a smoking room or not, it is their personal choice whether they do or not-no one is going to force a non-smoker to work in a smokers retreat but a worker shoul;d not expect that smokers retreat to be suddenly non-smoking just because he/she decides to pop in their for a break!

Have you not seen the lunacy in America where smokers are now becoming ignored as employable people as more and more firms jump on the anti-smoking hysteria bandwagon? – and they are moaning about increasing unemployment! The Americans are supposed to be World leaders  but they can’t even join the dots up properly!

*****More to follow*****

Now back to our little quetionnaire earlier:

Between 3%-5% of people absolutely abhor tobacco smoke, yet most of those people will happily stand next to a bus as it starts up or happily dance around a BBQ – strange folk some are… aren’t they!

Between12%-20% of people dislike smoking but that is not the same question as the first (above). Many people dislke smoking but tolerate friends or family smoking.

Approximately 50% of people do not care either way about smoking/smokers, but again, that is not the same question as asking them about smoking themselves!

This might surprise you but approximatell 25% still smoke in Scotland (even though they’ve had 7 years of this intolerance & a fifteen fold increase in expenditure!)  and the Welsh are bemoaning that all their efforts have only yeilded a 1% decrease in smoker prevalence!

I am still trying to find out a true figure for club closures-perhaps George Dawson can  furnish me with such?

What we do know is that despite Tobacco Controls assertions that there has been no damage to businesses, at least 700 CIU clubs have applied for (and received) rate rebates to help with the loss of business courtesy of the smoking ban. So we also know that the likes of Linda Bauld simply lie to keep in favour (and wages) with government!

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