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The WHO-simply liars!

     For many years, the WHO (that would be the World Health Organisation) were a most honourable institutuion as they fought to control diseases that were rife around the globe. They were funded (and still are) by an annual donation from each nation, the size of such donations depending on the wealth of each country.


     The ball game has changed considerably over the past few decades as the pharmaceutical industry has provided more and more financial backing for this organisation and to such an extent that they now ought to be renamed “the Worlds pHarmaceutical Organisation”.


     We now know, emphatically, that the anti-tobacco war has been a giant scam from Day1, it is a social engineering exercise designed to ‘control’-nothing more. The pharmaceutical industry has ploughed £bns into this project, knowing full well that they would get £bns more back-including vast amounts from governments that bought into their useless NRT products which have, so far, provided a 98.4% failure rate! Tell me of any other business, with that sort of failure rate, that would receive a continuous supply of money from any government-go on, name one!


     But this war goes far deeper than someone simply smoking for the anti-smoking jihad have now declared war on the absolute replacement, the one item that will entice smokers to change their tobacco habits: the e-cigarette. By trying to get these products legislated as some sort of smoking cessation product, thus giving the pharmaceutical industry total control over a smoking cessation product, they are now doing the opposite of what they originally set out to do! People are more likely to go back to smoking cigarettes than be regulated/controlled by some form of medical tobacco interventionists.


     This article by Dr. Michael Siegel, a Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences, Boston University School of Public Health, is a damning indictment of just how corrupt the WHO have now become for they are simply ‘playing the tune the piper calls for’.  He has 25 years of experience in the field of tobacco control but as one of the growing number of “conscience scientists” in the tobacco field he no longer sits with the WHO. This does show that Dr Siegel is a man of integrity, unlike our own ex CMO Liam Donaldson who accepted his 30 pieces of silver with alacrity and now sits in the cushiest of positions in the arms of the WHO.

(Donaldson sold his soul for 30 pieces of silver!)

I think, despite the obvious truths spelled out by Dr Siegel, one of the comments below the article sums up the WHO absolutely perfectly and I copy/paste for you here:

“They lost the right to claim they are a public health body a long time ago when they accepted pharma’s agenda in return for funding. Four-fifths of WHO funding is commercial; naturally there is a quid pro quo. We refer to them as the World pHarmaceutical Organisation now: the leading junk science liars on the planet. As many scientists have commented, all official funding should be withdrawn and they should be publicly listed as a pharmaceutical industry pressure group since that is their main function.”

     I somehow don’t think that anyone could argue with that statement, do you? Together with the article, they prove, conclusively, that the WHO are simply liars & manipulators!

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