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Guilty – no matter what! (CM)

This tale of woe comes from Liverpool where a lorry driver, Chris Minihan, was destroyed by this corrupted legal system we now possess.

Chris Minihan puffing on the fake cigarette device which has landed him in court after a council officer mistook it for a real one

     Chris Minhan was having a rest period in a local parking area and, because he was a tanker driver thus often carried highly flammable loads and plus the fact that he was trying to give up smoking, he had bought himself a Gamucci electronic cigarette device for when he was at work. As he told me, “I always leave my fags on the mantlepiece at home so that I cannot be tempted while I’m at work if the wagon is empty”.

     He was espied by Yvonne Taylor, a Halton council official, who stated: “I could clearly see smoke emitted from the cab and the motion of him flicking ash. I observed the cigarette stub flying from the driver’s hand on to the grassed area below.”

The £38 fake cigarette that Mr Minihan is using to help kick his smoking habit

     Now we know that e-cigs emit a vapour not smoke. We also know that they do not create any ash though many smokers, although using a placebo, mimic the actions of actual cigarette smoking. It would have been impossible for Yvonne Taylor to have seen him flicking ash from the end of a cigarette that does not provide any ash residue-she is a liar pure & simple! It would have been impossible for her to have “observed the cigarette stub flying from the driver’s hand on to the grassed area below” as Mr Minihan put the e-cigarette back in his top pocket ready for its next usage-she is a liar, pure & simple!

     This council official was so determined to ruin this mans life over something she only thought he was doing, that two days after she ‘witnessed’ this apparent act of smoking’ she, Ms Taylor, stated she did not approach Minihan at the time, but later she and another Halton council employee went to his workplace and issued him with an on-the-spot fine, which he refused to accept-Chris Minihan immediately lost his job! There was no proof, only the accusation – and the penalty ticket of course. This is what Chris Minihan objected to. he lost his job before any court case was arranged.

Chris Minihan refused to accept that he had been smoking illegally in his cab and so went to court to fight his corner. Alas, this was his biggest mistake of all.

Though bold of heart, Chris knew nothing of the machinations of our now corrupted legal system where any smoke/smoking/smoker related cases were autmatically deemed guilty, regardless of truth etc. Chris never asked the following questions (because he didn’t know he needed to)


  •  a… Where exactly were you (Yvonne Taylor) when you apparently saw a cigarette end flying out of the window? (She was actually 88ft away-hawkeye eh!)
  • b… Why did you not rescue the cigarette end and provide DNA proof that it was mine? (Because there wasn’t one to rescue!)
  • c… The photographs show a tanker lorry but they do not show a person or any part of a person in the cab-why not? (Because Yvonne Taylor was 88ft away)
  • d… Although using a ‘zoom lens’ there were no pictures of cigarette ash falling to the ground, nor were there any pictures of the offending cigarette ash actually on the ground! Why not?
  • e… If an offence was being committed, why did Yvonne Taylor not approach Mr Minihan to ascertain his actual smoking? (apparently she feared for her life/safety!)
  • f… Why was the ‘evidence’ placed before the court merely circumstantial; ie no concrete proof?

     There are more questions that could be asked but here is the crushing blow that would, in normal circumstances, ensure a case being thrown out of court. The magistrate, when Chris Minihan was valiantly trying to defend himself against such corruptness, declared that if the case carried on to the next day (it was an afternoon session) then it would simply cost him (Chris Minihan) more money!” [I have that from the horses mouth folks] Those words, that single sentence prove beyond all reasonable doubt that the entire legal system has been corrupted by the rules & requirements passed down by the EU on ‘how to deal with smoke related transgressors’.

    Now you will note that I used a piece of legal terminology, a legal maxim actually, something that has stood the test of time in our legal system, that being “beyond reasonable doubt”. From the simple, basic facts that I have recorded here, it is blatantly obvious to any ‘back-room’ lawyer that there has been no case proven here whatsoever. In fact, there is so much reasonable doubt that it would be exceedingly difficult for any fair minded person to convict on such flimsy ‘evidence’. This is bourne out by the wonderfully descriptive verdict handed out by the magistrate (Mr Brian Howells), who said,

“I find the case proven because although you are both credible witnesses Mr Minihan I find Yvonne Taylor to be more credible”.

  Now how about that statement if you please? A magistrate finds a blatant liar a more credible witness than a man telling the truth for that man still believed that truth always won in an English court! Chris Minihan also felt very much as if they had curtailed his defence using time as a factor. He told me that he knew he was chasing a lost cause when the magistrate mention time & money to him-but of course our lorry driver did not have the knowledge to fire back at this joke of a magistrate.

     The cost of the exercise was £715.00 and a guilty verdict for an innocent man that had simply tried to defend himself in an English court on unlaw.

(The scales of ‘justice’ are weighted against smokers)

       Chris made one cardinal error – he believed that truth equalled justice… a very, very big mistake indeed. As far as the legal system is concerned these days smokers are automatically guilty until proven innocent – and there is more proof of that to come folks. That we live in a corrupt society is beyond doubt but when our legal system is turned against truth in favour of some EU directive then it is time for this country, more so the people in it, to start fighting back against such tyranny. Chris has never been in any form of trouble in his life, and probably never will again but he won’t lift a finger to help this country one iota after this abominable experience! Who can blame him?





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