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CIU turn to C-i-C

     It is truly unbelievable that the CIU Nat/Exec I spoke top some years ago have been streamlined but their President, who once promised me “we must fight this smoking ban for our clubs” has now rolled over like a puppy dog wanting tickles.


     In this months Club Journal (June 2014) there is a piece by Andrew Dane (who purports to be a “Business Medic”) stating that “E-smoking needs a policy”! What an absurd statement that is from someone so erudite – supposedly. He poses 3 questions:


a)… should e-smokers be allowed to smoke at their place of work?


b)… should e-smokers be required to share the same, usually outdoor, smoking areas as regular smokers?


c)… should members and staff be allowed to e-smoke wherecer they like?


     The man is a fool, pure and simple for he is dredging up totally unecessary questions to bias the minds of the Nat Exec-using the fear of ‘claims’ to do it. The man is a charlatan for if he does his homework he will soon see the ECHR threw out Mdme Labates case as “wholly unfounded” – end of story.

I have sent the following letter in to the Club Journal and hope that I get a response from George Dawson (President) and also this medic wallah. I shall also track him down and send him a copy of the letter-we might as well have his response as well!

Dear sirs,
    As you are well aware, long have I railed against this idiotic smoking ban for it was never, ever anything to do with health matters, it was simply a social exercise in control – and ‘they’ nearly got away with it too! You will have already noted that e-cigs and their users (Vapers) have come under increasing pressure to be allocated the same standing as cigarette smokers-‘because they look like a cigarette‘ or because they ‘renormalise‘ smoking. How totally absurd is that? E-cigs have already totally eclipsed all other “quit smoking” products available: remember, the NRT products (mercuriously provided by Big Pharma) had a 98.4% FAILURE rate yet charged/defrauded governments £millions!
    We have seen SHS declared HARMLESS by the very agency that started this entire charade-the WHO. They then informed the world at large that the very air we breathe was a major cause of cancers & cooking smells/vapours were also thrown into the mix: all proof that the smoking bans were based on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science!
    Having watched nigh on 14,000 businesses close their doors for ever it was a breath of fresh air to see that Enterprise Inns (one of the biggest losers in all this) have finally seen sense and accepted that ‘vapers’ are more than welcome in their taverns. Enterprise Inns have seen the monumental cost to their business and are also now fully aware of the giant scam that has taken place.
    I was absolutely astounded to read that the CIU executive ‘rowed in’ with the ‘looks like smoking‘ brigade and announcing that e-cigs would NOT be welcomed in their venues. How much more regressive can the committee really be I ask? The clubs monitor their own business and also those that use their properties so the question allowing ‘e-smoking’ doesn’t even arise as e–cigarettes produce only a vapour. As ‘e-smokers’ (by law) are categorised as NON-smokers, the executive are sticking their noses in a trough they have no need to even visit!
    Having read “The Business Medic” in last months Journal I fail to see how this person can even question this situation!

  • E-cig smokers should be allowed to vape (Smoke) where ever they like (note he uses the word smoke when in fact they are vaping)
  • E-cig users should NOT have to share the same allocated smoking areas as tobacco smokers! (they are using a completely different product and it is each individuals freedom of choice of course!)


    By treating e-cigarette users similarly to smokers the clubs will not address the important matter of decling memberships. I think we can safely assume that the CIU have now decided NOT to continue challenging the worst law since the Clockmakers Tax of the 1790’s as they seem hell bent on ignoring every move we make to incorporate them in the fight to regain smokers rights-and smokers do have rights! There must be a knighthood promised somewhere or other!
    The smoking ban has already cost the CIU ‘x’ clubs and more will surely follow and to even contemplate restrictions on the greatest smokefree ‘quit smoking’ aid ever invented shows that the N/Exec are still living in the dark ages and some may well live long enough to see the demise of the clubs in total!

Yours sincerely

Phil Johnson

If the Nat Exec stand for this hogwash they might as well pack up and go home for it will prove, beyond any reasonable doubt that they simply don’t care about their clubs or their members anymore than any anti-smoking jihaddist MP does!

You may ask what our title “CIU turns C-i-C means: depending on on answers received, all will be explained after next months CJ is issued! Stay tuned folks as all will be revealed

Terrible news: The Editor of the Club Journal (Ken Roberts, also a Nat Exec Committee member, has stated “we don’t want to debate the e-cig situation” – in other words, ‘the clubs don’t matter just so long as anything remotely associated with smoking does not happen’!

The above statement means, quite simply, that the only force you have on your side is Justice4Smokers – get with the programme!

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