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The Welsh logic!

Unbelievably it seems that the Welsh logic toward thew use of e-cigs is to ban them from usage in public places. Why? What is the logic behind such a move, except to reinforce the fact that smoking bans were never, ever about the health issues. Wanting e-cigs banned in public is basical;ly admitting that the very sight of someone ‘smoking’ is simply not desirable-again, nothing to do with health!

Ministers say they “are responding to concern that the devices – which can contain nicotine – normalise smoking and undermine the smoking ban.”

What utter codswallop – and I say that because virtually the same amount of people smoke now as did pre-ban! If one remembers correctly, the Welsh assembly were absolutely mortified that they could only show a paltry 1% drop in smoking rates after 6 long years of stigmatisation, denormalisation and outright hatred shown to ward those who opted to use a totally legal product.

This is the health brain of Wales, God help Wales!

     The Health Minister of Wales (Mark Drakeford) has already shown his hatred toward smoking/smokers and this is just another move in total control process that politicians wish to make on the people. Bar workers were never falling to the floor in droves, except from drunkenness, so we know that the whole smoking ban was a conivance to suit an ideology and now we have an army of so called ‘do-gooders’ killing off whatever spirit this country had!

     Drakeford has further embarrassed himself by stating:

“In the United States, scientists have found that nearly two-thirds of young people who have used e-cigarettes have never been established smokers”

     Barely days after this ginormous ‘statement of fact’ the US state’s Center for Disease Control  declared that “Cigarette smoking among U.S. high school students at lowest level in 22 years!” Pardon!!! what did you say Markus Aufoolious?

     It seems that not all the fools are concentrated in one place in Wales as Mr Ken Roberts, who has just retired as South Wales Branch Secretary (now on his jollies) has declared that the National executive do NOT want to debate e-cigarettes and that as far as they are concerned they must not be used indoors, in the clubs or anywhere else for that matter!

     As editor of the Club Journal he does not wish articles supporting e-cigs printed either, so we have yet another anti-smoker playing God over those who wish to enjoy a perfectly legal item in a perfectly legal manner in their chosen social environment. It is no wonder that we, Justice4Smokers, get angry letters from ex-long standing clubmen complaining bitterly about the CIU’s treatment of them.

     This IS THE SIGN that the CIU have turned their backs on the very people they were set up to support – THE WORKING CLASSES. This is all the proof you ever needed that the  CIU are no longer acting in the interests of YOUR club.

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