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 Update 15th December, 2014

I have been talking to Alan and pointing out various factors regarding what we are going to do. Alan is a bit of a ‘go-getter’ and has reluctantly taken the advice that publishing his book is not in the best interests of the case at present. We now have rock solid legal assistance from Ireland & Scotland. we also have an interested party from another country – and of course, the rock solid evidence that the ban was built on LIESFABRICATIONSMANIPULATED STATISTICS… & total utter JUNK SCIENCE.

“They” needed to bring their evidence to court in the McTear case – they failed.

“They” will need to bring their evidence again… what will they do?

(we will update again soon, enjoy your Christmas and if you can spare a few quid for this monumental attack on Tobacco control… you know where to send it folks!)


UPDATE 10th November, 2014

Alan Auld has exhausted all other avenues and is now taking his case to the European Courts  (International Courts of Justice)

 Now the true battle begins as we need smokers & non smokers alike to donate a few ‘bob’ each to help fund this man’s fight for smokers rights, for taking legal action is no cheap road to take. Remember, the smoking ban laws were originally brought in on the back of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science – but we know the truth!


    Alan Auld says he has been forced to give up his regular trips to the pub and has lost friends because of the law. In other words, his social life has been destroyed-as have many millions more.

     And why shouldn’t he sue a government that has ruined millions of social lives courtesy of a law that was based on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science – all of which has now been more than proven, and by some who initially  championed the ban.

Simon Clark asks the question: Can you put a price on your social life? well why not?

     This smoking ban has caused more stress than any smoking related disease as millions of people turned their backs on the pubs that once so freely served them. Quite synonymous that almost 14,000 once thriving businesses have closed since the implementation of the ban. Quite synonymous that Eire lost 1,000 clubs, pubs & bars in their first session of the ban yet the well paid lackeys in Bath/Stirling University (ie Bauld & Co) pleasantly lied to all ministers by stating that there had been ‘no detriment‘ to businesses courtesy of the bans imposed. Do they still maintain that disgraceful stance I wonder?

     Quote: “The Scottish Government said the ban had “high public support” ” That would be all those people supporting the ban that have either never frequented the pubs or happen to drop in once per annum then because none of the old guard, the 68% that kept the pubs in business are happy about the bans.

     Let’s not be fooled here folks, the bans are the instrument of the World Health Organisation, unelected by the people and as corrupt a body as you’ll find anywhere in the world. How many $trillions did they waste eradicating illegal drugs??? Let us remind ourselves of the very basis of all smoking bans shall we –>


godberframe “to foster an atmosphere…..” ie, to lie to the general public in order to gain their support – and boy oh boy….. did they lie!

     In fact, as stated above, the whole smoking ban episode is/was based on lies for that is all the World Health Organisation had to go on-especially after the Enstrom/Kabat report came out stating there was no connection to actual deaths! It is no wonder than approximately half the contributors to this organisation have so far failed to contribute in 2013! Those that didn’t join in the anti smoking circus were relegated from Global-Links highest table and those that sold their unscientific arses souls to the anti smoking devils received their 30 pieces of silver….. and many still are!

     So yes, Justice4Smokers fully supports Alan Auld in his attempt to sue the Scottish government and we will happily support his case with ample information but he must realise that justice bears no relation to justice we treasure when it comes to any matters smoking related for this atrocious law has twisted & corrupted our judicial system beyond belief.

     Should the Scottish Sun or Alan Auld care to get in touch with us we will happily assist in any way we can for it is about time that crooked governments were brought to book for their dodgy dealings in matters that affect 25% of a population! The bans, originally brought to stave off the swathes of bar staff keeling over whilst pulling pints, have now been proven to be totally false as e-cigarettes (ie smokeless ‘cigarettes) are now under the same attempts of banishment by those who object to smoke/smokers. It is nothing more than a colossal social engineering exercise that is costing the nation £billions every single month it exists. bring on the law suit boys!

10th Nov update:Should the Scottish Sun or Alan Auld care to get in touch with us we will happily assist in any way we can…..”

     Well folks, Alan has certainly been in touch with us and we are proceeding with legal matters but the “Scottish Sun” have proven to be  a complete waste of space for the reporter was absolutely horrified at some of the truths I sent him and has now refused to call me back – or even email me! You folks, they are not interested in the truth, only what glory-mongering they can rake up. It’ll be very interesting when this does reach the courts because I won’t forget who snubbed Alan Auld when the truth needed to be told! (eh Mr Archibald???)

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