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Liverpool fail its people!

It was only a matter 0f time before one pub or one club went for the smokers throat – and so it has occurred. They have a self adulating facebook page too! We’ll add this blog to it and see what reaction we get!

A bar and grill in Liverpool has become the first in the UK to ban smoking in its outside beer garden. The owners of Barbacoa in Crosby, Merseyside, said they had become fed up with the space at the back of their restaurant becoming “an al fresco smoking lounge”. Funny that….. we always thought that outside was outside and therefore there was a freedom of choice as to whether a person smoked or not? Seems that, despite the government taking property owners rights away via the SB, these people still think they have property rights!


Barbacoa posted images of its 'lovely new beer garden' - complete with no smoking signs - on its Facebook page

Non smokers enjoying ‘clean air’ full of….. exhaust fumes!

     Also needless to say is the fact that the new measures were brought to the attention of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, the UK’s only charity dedicated to fighting the disease for which it says tobacco smoking is “the main cause in the vast majority of cases”. Funny how they always stick their heads above the parapet when something like this happens for it is now commonly known that ROY CASTLE, the self diagnosing cancer victim, was in fact a a ‘social cigar smoker’ – there are many, still alive, that knew & worked with the man who will testify to that-so in actual fact the ‘charity’ is a bit of a sham being based on a secret smoker!

Melody Holt, tobacco control manager at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, told the Mirror: “This is the first smoke free beer garden that we’re aware of and we would encourage other establishments to follow their lead.”  (They’ve even invented an award for the occasion-it gets more pathetic on a weekly basis! Mind you, being based in Liverpool themselves I suppose they had to come up with something.) What a splendid idea Melody, let’s find even more reasons to botcott pubs & clubs….. let’s find new reasons to put more & more people out of work….. let’s heap more & more discrimination on normal human beings that the worst law in history set out to stigmatise, cause hatred to and attempt to create a denormalisation programme about…>>> You stupid, stupid woman – can you not see whare this will end? Obviously not!

Each individuals freedom of choice

We have now seen 14,000+ businesses closed since July 1st, 2007. We are now looking at unemployment figures of 2.42m people. We are now looking at between 50,000-100,000 immigrants piling into this country on an annual basis – yet we are slaughtering the jobs market; what a brilliant strategy for an economic recovery of a once great nation!

Just to top all that information up we have to look at the effects of the lack of the £11bn in revenue gained from Tobacco taxes in this country. Who is going to provide that substantial amount of money that  goes a long, long way to providing the finance for the NHS?

Perhaps it is time to remind people of the brilliant logic of on e of our MPs, who only listens to her non smoking constitiuents! Enter the arena of no logic, non fact & non knowledge Mrs Pat Glass MP. numerous questions yet not one single answer from this extremely ignorant politician! Read this folks.

Perhaps dear Melody can answer the questions instead, after all, she is contoller of tobacco in a totally non tobacco company/environment!

ps….. we’ve now sent Melody a copy and also added a copy/link to their (Barbacoa‘s) facebook page!

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