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Alan Auld fights for smokers rights!

Good morning folks and an exciting morning it is!

a)… A tremendous supporting blog from Leg Iron aka “underdog bites upwards”

b)… Similarly over at Frank Davis’s place we find another gem!


Just one of thousands!!!

Just one of thousands!!!

    The Story:- We have a warrior, a warrior with balls I might add, as Alan Auld from Aberdeen has decided that enough is enough and wants to challenge the legal system for he says that “the smoking ban has totally ruined his social life” and has set out to sue the Scottish government (not bothering with a crooked legal system, so we are heading for a much higher court where truth cannot be suppressed!) for the princely sum of £1,000,000. I applaud him. After all, we already know, from a Scottish MSP no less, that smoking bans had nothing to do with the health of bar workers or anyone else for that matter!

wpde68c9a8_0f.jpg   Chris Carter

     We set up the “Free Nick Hogan” fund and also the “Free Chris Carter” fund, both with Captain Ranty, Pat Nurse & other major bloggers support – it’s time to strike again and support this man (Alan Auld) the best way we can: with financial support & advice for his legal battle ahead.

     In fact dear followers, I fully support him for this is exactly what needs to happen as the smoking ban disproportionately invades every aspect of our daily lives. We all know now that the original theory of bar staff dying left, right & centre was simply hogwash but with 75% of the population now being NON-SMOKERS it was a simple matter to get the majority onside; ie, brainwashing!

Smoking bans cause empty, soul-less pubs like this!

     Many of you will have seen the piece over at Simon’s place, also many of the comments supporting Alan as he tries to get justice. Simon, for his own reasons has decided that FOREST will NOT be supporting Alan Auld in this legal challenge. In fact Simon states, “Alan Auld has a serious point but legal action – in this instance – is a mug’s game.”(Update: we are now getting offers of help from many quarters!)

     I’m sorry Simon, but if the man has “a serious point” then he is entitled to his day in court and entitled to whatever support he/we can muster from smokers who also feel aggrieved that their social lives have been ruined when there was always such a simple answer in the first place – it was called CHOICE! There was never a need for a total smoking ban, as we all know. It was Liam Donaldson’s ‘hissy fit‘ & threats to resign that caused the total ban-and look what a well paid cushy number he landed very shortly afterwards-most likely courtesy of friends at the WHO! Also, with that in mind, look how simply the ban has been imposed in our european countries nearby!

     So, good people, Justice4Smokers are fully behind Alan Auld for he is absolutely correct in his legal challenge – except for one thing….. I would have sued for £5,000,000!

     If you want to help with the costs of mounting this legal challenge then please ‘hit’ the PayPal donate button.

This story/event will be updated at every opportunity folks, you have my word on that.

11.08.14 – UPDATE 1Alan has phoned me and is very excited to hear that we have begun a fighting fund and that the people are backing him.

06/09/14 – UPDATE 2Interesting turn of events folks!

16/09/14 – UPDATE 3 … Interesting media/legal reactions!

10/11/14 – UPDATE 4The waiting game is over!

15/12/14 – UPDATE 5And now the plot thickens!


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