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UPDATE: 10 Nov, 2014

UPDATE 10th November, 2014

Alan Auld has exhausted all other avenues and is now taking his case to the European Courts  

 Now the true battle begins as we need smokers & non smokers alike to donate a few ‘bob’ each to help fund this man’s fight for smokers rights, for taking legal action is no cheap road to take. Remember, the smoking ban laws were originally brought in on the back of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science – but we know the truth!

 the story…

I know many of you will be wondering what is happening north of the border but whatever you do, don’t be worrying. Things are moving-albeit slowly my friends.

     We said from the very start that things must be done slowly, precisely & correctly as this is probably the one major chance that we have of bringing the truth to the table/courts.

     Now we know that the English, Scottish, Welsh & Irish legal system has been severely corrupted by this atrocious law and we have plenty of proof of such, should ‘they’ wish to challenge the point-which I doubt very much they will for fear of truth rearing its ugly head. So my friends, there is only one place to head for….. and that is the  International Courts of Justice”, at the Hague

     On that basis I have been in contact with ‘AA’ and pointed out a few simple basics (about 30 of them actually) and he (Alan Auld) is now beginning to realise that his simple “I want my social life back” goes far, far deeper than he ever imagined. I gave him a clue as to the depth of depravity this law reaches and I will pass this tale onto you all:

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     Mr Ben Archibald (of the Scottish Sun) contacted me after hearing that Justice4Smokers were fully behind ‘AA’s’ legal bid-he was intrigued, and after speaking to me on the phone, asked me if I could send some information up to him with regard to him creating/writing a “full article” on the subject. I think that most of you who know me by now will realise that I very kindly sent him a few facts & figures about smoking bans and the dirty tricks used to implement them. Further to that I challenged him to print the truth and asked just how brave he was  and, indeed, would he be brave enough to do so or would he ‘cow-tow’ to his superiors horror of doing such an un-PC thing?

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     Well, some of you, maybe only one of you, may be utterly amazed to know that Mr Ben Archibald, reporter of all glory mongering stories has not written an article (nor will he do so) and has declined any further correspondence with moi! So much for wanting the truth so as to report on the story in full !What is interesting is the fact that some 70 social venues in Alan’s hometown of Aberdeen have closed since the implementation of the smoking ban – now doesn’t THAT tell you a story!

     This simple denial by Mr Archibald (reporter) has shown Alan Auld that he cannot now rely on any legal system in this country for they are swayed, just like the press, by what is currently seen as PC! Smoking bans were NEVER about health but all about a supposed societal change by Big Pharma wanting more & more incomes.

     We are now assembling a very, very strong team of globally recognised opponents of smoking bans but we will not be declaring ‘any hands’ for the time being for we know our enemy only too well, but they do not yet know who “WE” are!

     As per previous post which outlined Alan Auld’s case, this is the smokers opportunity to revoke this idiotic law and allow choice: not only for smokers but for all those thousands of struggling pub, bar, club & shisha lounge owners who have seen their best customers unnecessarily victimised, demonised, discriminated against and cast out like lepers. Also, as per previous post, this case will not come cheaply therefore all we ask is that all smokers donate at least £3 to the Alan Auld fighting fund (less than a packet of fags!) and please remember this folks, all funds are held in the Alan Auld Paypal account and will be refunded if no action is taken by Alan Auld. We are already ‘pot-building’ but we have a long way to go yet folks-will you help us???



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