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UPDATE: 16th Sept 2014

     I’m sorry that news is slow but so is “snail mail” and unfortunately, barring phone calls, that is exactly what Alan Auld uses at the moment. But….. we have news, and great news it is too folks!

     Alan has been hawking his story of desperation, forced unemployments, pub & club closures etc around all the newsagencies worthy of mention in Scotland but only one offered a possible article. You see Alan is fully aware of the costs of taking this case to the International Courts of Justice and simply wanted this story, this truth, told by daily newspaper. It was not to be. The only newspaper that showed a semblance of interest (& payment) only wanted to print what they wanted to print! – nothing new there then.

     Second action by Alan was to take the Scottish Sun to court for not printing the original article – as Alan has told the tale. He had engaged a top legal firm to represent him and had left instruction that they should do nothing, except apply for his Legal Aid, until he instructed them further as he was awaiting information, very relevant to the case, from ‘a friend‘ in England. Well folks, the information from England arrived early last week and Alan took this paperwork to his solicitors at 2pm last friday (12th Sept). The learned one, apparently, read the highly informative writings from England and peered at Alan asking if any of what he had been reading was actually true.? “Aye, every freeking word, oh it is right enough, these people know this action (smoking ban to me & you) inside out ‘n back tae front!” replied our man with a stare that would have graced a top poker player. The solicitor read again for a few minutes (Alan said he was twitching) and suddenly jumped up, gave all the paperwork back to our man and told him to get out of his office as he was no longer representing Mr Alan Auld of Aberdeen.

     When Alan told me this tale I tried very hard not to laugh too much as he was somewhat vexed, but I did manage to convey to him that this was exactly what I had expected as the entire legal system has been corrupted by this atrocious law. Legal ‘wallahs‘ love nothing more than a nice lengthy trial/hearing/case as it means they can ‘coin it in‘; ie, earn a fortune, so it shows the ‘iron curtain’ that has gone up surrounding the smoking ban and all the corruptness that got it empowered!And who ordered our legal system to thwart all invaders??? why it was our old friends the EU no less!

The International Courts of Justice

Now we know that we are on the right track……

Now Alan Auld knows we do not speak with forked tongue…..

Now we know that we have to take this case to the Hague…..

Now, we are already assembling the Big Guns for battle…..

Now we know that all smokers have their one massive opportunity to fight the corruptness behind this evil total ban. Smokers must unite to provide that opportunity in the International Courts of Justice in the Hague. (the donate button is ever ready folks!)

Now ……………………………………………………… more updates soon folks!


UPDATE 10th November, 2014

Alan Auld has exhausted all other avenues and is now taking his case to the European Courts  (International Courts of Justice)

 Now the true battle begins as we need smokers & non smokers alike to donate a few ‘bob’ each to help fund this man’s fight for smokers rights, for taking legal action is no cheap road to take. Remember, the smoking ban laws were originally brought in on the back of lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science – but we know the truth!

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