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    Leicester Hospital denies mental health patient the right to smoke!

We have written to the hospital expressing our disgust at the non smoking policy, received the ‘bog standard’ silly reply, thus we have sent the following (with lots of links for Dr Miller to explore!


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PALS Team,
Room 170,
Penn Lloyd Building,
County Hall,
fao: Dr Peter Miller
Dear Sir,
(How strange that you should bear the same name

                                  as my childhood Dr who, incidentally, never smoked a

                                           cigarette yet died courtesy from lung cancer!)


Now to your somewhat typical, insipid response to my original letter of complaint regarding the treatment of one of your mental health patients. I knew exactly what your opening line would be as it seems to be ‘the adopted way’ of excusing all wrongs concerning patient needs re smoking/tobacco. What you have totally failed to understand that although the WHO enacted smoking bans in many countries, courtesy of the lies & fabrications engineered by Godber at the 1975 WHO meeting on tobacco, the World Health Organisation has since had to, through proper scientific research, accept that SHS is harmless. In fact, they are more concerned about the odours, toxins etc from everyday cooking in the home! I take it that you have not banned cooking within the hospital perimeters? The second question, obviously, is whether you have banned ambulances from entering the hospital grounds as the highly toxic fumes from exhausts are proven to kill many a person, no less, cause serious respiratory problems. Note too that the WHO have also now declared AP (Air Pollution) as the next great danger factor to our existence – which of course brings into play the thousands’ of cars, buses, freight wagons that use the hospital grounds on a daily basis. I do not presume that you are about to tell me that the humble cigarette out-does any of those mediums I trust? (Very interesting to note that governments of the time purposely suppressed Dr Kitty Little’s research as it did not suit Godber’s plans! Amazing how truth is ignored when it suits, don’t you think?

baby-exhaust-fumesLook mummy, 3 weeks old and ‘smoking’

You state, as is the par norm these days, you are “helping people to get healthier and to gain more ‘disease free’ years of life”. I don’t suppose that, as a confirmed non-smoker, it has ever occurred to YOU, as it has to me, that some people really enjoy smoking regardless of possible health risks (I take it that you have fully read the Enstrom/Kabat report on effects of SHS over a 38yr period in California-the biggest smoker-hater state/county in the world etc?) and also that many people would rather live happily for a shorter time than have the mortal coil dragged out to virtual infinity-yes?

100Rather defeats all arguments methinks!

Are we not a nation of centenarians that cannot afford the welfare bill each year? What is going to happen as we near 2050 I ask? Are we not a nation that has moved the pension age until a later age so that gov’t can perhaps afford for more people to grow older? Do we soon need to work until 75yrs of age to fulfil pension rights? Why do we need our elderly to keep expanding the years I ask? The simple truth my dear Dr Miller is that government would be more than happy if all those who retired next Monday had the good grace to retire from this earth the following day as it would save them a fortune in pensions & other benefits.
You then trot out the same old “we offer…..” and the question quite clearly is WHY? It is now proven that NRT is next to useless as even government figures state that NRT has a 98.4% FAILURE rate (ONS & even the ‘BMJ’ weighed in with their watered down two-penneth worth)) and it has been found that many people simply reconstruct the patches into ‘roll-ups’ so as to satisfy their desire for a cigarette. I find it very strange that you advocate the use of e-cigarettes as the initial common directive (ASH) was to eradicate all forms of smoking, and especially to bully, stigmatise smokers of any form! Note here that Big Pharma, who are totally corrupt and slowly but surely bankrupting our wonderful NHS, were adamant that THEY should have control over e-cigarettes; thank the Good Lord they failed!

     I have the figures from Leicester City Council regarding the ridiculous expenditure allowed by them regarding “Quit Smoking” – now can you tell me how Leicester’s 3 hospitals would benefit from that extra £972,000 per annum? The ‘quit results’ (if you can actually call them that) are, supposedly, 1,920 persons which equates to a massive and totally unacceptable £506.25 per person. The problem here of course is that there is only the 28 day (1 month) window, thus LCC could not tell me how many were still ‘quitters’ at 3 months, 6 months or even 12 months! Similarly, they could not tell me how many of their ‘quitters’ had actually returned to smoking. And now for the absolute bombshell question Dr Miller: When asked how many people’s lives they had actually saved: ie, “how many people are still walking around that would have/should have died weeks/months ago”, the answer came back “Sorry, but we do not hold any such data”. Now there’s a thing… just as there is NO death certificate stating SHS as the cause of death, our very own LCC/Quit Smoking dept cannot tell us how many lives have been saved! Amazing.
      You then go on say that Dr Saltheesh Kumar (how strange the surname should concur with that of [CROOK] CRUK’s top man ‘earning’ £240,000+ per annum from an organisation that relies on PUBLIC DONATIONS no less) states “…..improving the mental and physical health of our patients…..”. Excuse me whilst I smile at the absurdity of that statement but, having witnessed such treatment at first hand, I can assure you that denying a committed smoker a welcoming, calming cigarette, in times of stress, is NOT the best way forward. In fact it causes more stress but then you see, you have to hoist your anti-smoking petard regardless of the stress/suffering it may cause – perhaps you might like to be the one being stabbed, attacked, assaulted or even killed and not some poor nurse earning a mere pittance for the valuable work she does? There are numerous cases of injury to staff due to removing cigarettes/tobacco but sadly the ‘internet police’ are ensuring they are now no longer available.
Your final paragraph is derisory for you have not answered any of my questions, instead, choosing to circumnavigate every point raised and not a single mention of the poor patient involved-or doesn’t she matter in all of this? Her mental state of agitation can easily be controlled by a simple cigarette but you cannot abide that idea as it doesn’t suit your present mood of abiding by a law that was brought in using the worst possible ‘evidence’ of a failed anti-tobacco nutcase known Konrad Jamrozik who somehow made 1+1=11 !
I assume that you do realise that people can smoke as freely as they want OUTSIDE any hospital in the land as the law states, quite clearly, that INDOOR smoking is banned so there is no way you can impose any form of ‘Security Guard/Smoking Patrol’ to combat smoking on the grounds. Swindon Hospital (among others) tried this daft ploy, wasting some £700 per week, and found that the said ‘Security Guard/Smoking Patrol’ quit their jobs after a few weeks for fear of physical & verbal abuse from smokers who know their rights.
On the final point in your letter of response you state “I hope we have been able to offer you the reassurance that we are supporting our staff and service users…..” Actually Dr Miller you are doing exactly the opposite for as you know there are many nurses, doctors & hospital ‘others’ that fully enjoy the pleasures of relaxing with a cigarette but you happily deny them that pleasure by stating that the grounds are taboo, when in actual fact they are not: by law. Plus, you never answered my question concerning that abominable tannoy system at the LRI continuous spurting out lie after lie – which of course the smokers simply ignore. It states that it is illegal…… and the simple truth is that it is NOT illegal to smoke on hospital grounds at all, otherwise the LRI would not have wasted £0000’s on silly smoking shelters which only confine SHS whereas those smoking at the entrance of the Balmoral building can watch their smoke drift nicely into the atmosphere before disappearing ALTOGETHER!
I will look forward to your detailed response to all points raised and please note that I am sending you an email copy, as well as postal, so that you can check out all the links provided.
Of course, should you like to debate this matter further I will be happy to nip up to Glenfield and listen to whatever you might have to say about the bullying of patients, the stigmatisation of 22%-25% of our society and the elderly leperisation of parts of our society – not to mention, of course, the loss of more than 17,000 businesses courtesy of one poorly implemented law built on lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & total utter junk science!
Best wishes
Phil J



Stop Press: Alan Auld fights for smokers rights….. Taking Liberties reports on entire Alan Auld post from its website-we follow up!

UPDATE 10th November, 2014

Alan Auld has exhausted all other avenues and is now taking his case to the European Courts

More news to follow… here


     Well folks, we don’t need the rebirth of Albert Einstein to see where this once glorious country is heading do we! Down the old Suwanee River is the simple answer as we lurch from one financial disaster to the next… and the next… and the next, until finally, because our politicians lack the balls of our forefathers, who died in muddy european fields fighting for our freedoms and our democracies we will join the ‘desperate club’. We will join Eire, Spain, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus et al in the world of ‘bailed out bankruptcy’. This brilliant strategy, apparently, is so that we can be part of a European superstate.

EU Disintegrating

     Wow! Impressed? not one iota am I impressed, for what is this superstate status achieving? Nothing except poverty, bankruptcies, destitution  and criminalising ordinary men & women – excepting of course, those that sit at the ‘top table’ in Brussels dishing out inane orders to do with the shape of bananas or tomatoes or some equally daft directive!


     Remember the “Metric Martyr” (Steve Thoburn)? he was the market trader who refused to cow-tow to the idiotic metric measures imposed upon this country by the loons of Brussels because “my punters understand pounds & ounces and that’s what I’ll sell my produce in!” ( Mr Thoburn of Roker, Sunderland, was prosecuted by Sunderland City Council on charges of breaching the Weights and Measures Act after selling bananas by the pound ). He fought to get this ridiculous conviction overturned but it all became too much for him and he died of a heart attack at the ‘ripe old age’ of 39! Blood on the hands of the EU already you see folks.


     Now we come to the most ridiculous of directives from Brussels-the smoking ban. look around you, look at all the countries where the ban has been/is being imposed, just take a close look at what is going on-they are all going skint!


     Spain is now suffering a ridiculously high youth unemployment situation but where were thousands upon thousands of the Spanish youth culture employed? In bars & clubs where holiday makers were welcomed with the abundance of British ‘pounds, shillings & pence’. But the problem now is that the British are not travelling to Spain so much for heir holidays as smoking bans have killed off the carefree culture over there, cafes, bars & restaurants are closing by the hundreds as people can no longer sit in peace with a cigarette and cappuccino. Spains largest cigarette producers axed 10% of the workforce thanks to the smoking bans & the inevitable surge in black market cigarettes etc. From the Spanish medical brigade comes this gem, “the Spanish health ministry, which estimates that “between three and nine” people a day die because of passive smoking.” Talk about picking numbers from clouds, dear oh dear me! passive smoking (or SHS) has never killed anyone yet. The World Health Organisation have created a myth that has spread fear throughout the world and given the tobacco haters an endless drum to beat! Spain is now bankrupt!


     France are now in dire straits too as they also went along with the idiotic smoking bans required by the WHO and are now suffering from a rather deep economic recession and rapidly rising unemployment. Now there’s a thing folks!


     Italian youth unemployment rocketed to 40% as businesses close due to smoking bans. No one considers the health detriment to those rendered jobless!


     It cost the EU approximately four hundred thousand euros to get Eire into the EU bloc – at the second vote no less-(we will keep holding elections until the rquired vote is forthcoming’ syndrome) only for European leaders to move (May 2010) to shore up the union’s decade-old single currency for the second time in seven months by agreeing to bail out Ireland to the tune of up to €90bn (£77.2bn). Thanks to the smoking bans Eire lost 1,000 bars, pubs & clubs as smokers stayed away and enjoyed ‘the craic’ in each others houses etc. Illegal tobacco products now flood the country and smoking rates have increased – which of course is the opposite of the original requirement!


     Portugal is already ‘out with the washing as they bid to become the first of many EU “Welfare States”. With 33 people per day filing for bankruptcy, Portugal does not look to have a rosy future and I would think that more people will collapse and die from stress than ever will from smoking-or standing near a smoker!


     Of course we already know that the EU, having financilly wiped out the Greek economy by closing half of their cafe lifestyle down thanks to smoking bans, have since raped the Cypriot bank leaving investors fuming, so what lays in store for good old Blighty i wonder? It is abundantly clear that the EU only want us for our wealth, if that wasn’t true they (the EU) would not be attempting to fine us for any &  every misdemeanor they can think of. Our air pollution levels hold a tariff of £300m apparently yet air pollution is never blamed for any lung conditions, it’s always ‘that damned SHS wot dunnit gov’. They fined us a mere £75m over some farming trifle, restrictive fishing quotas now make earning a living from the seas an arduos task and fines of £250,000 per day for some ridiculous gas & electricity idea that Brussels want implemented here!


     It seems that they want all this wealth but want to give nothing back except poverty, misery & destitution, which is already rife in many european countries. Pre 2007 we were a happy go lucky sort of nation where people didn’t bother each other too much but now (?) oh dear oh dear me, we are a sorry sack of shite thanks to the lunatics in Brussels who seem to want only to impose their own brand of supreme law and deride ours-except when it suits them as is the case with smoking ban infringements/non infringements. (It doesn’t really matter whether you are actually guilty or not in their eyes for if you have ever even thought about smoking you are guilty in ‘their’ eyes! They will happily ban someone from sitting in a public park to enjoy a peaceful cigarette yet will equally happily allow a small child to be engulfged in swathes of exhaust fumes-that is Brussels/WHO logic for you.



( I’m 3 weeks old and smoking already! )

     After 6 years of tyranny, discrimination, denormalisation & stigmatisation this country has wasted nigh £33bn to record a near 1% decrease in smoker prevalences. Scotland has had an extra year and has recorded a 0% drop yet these charlatans simply call for more money to be thrown at the bottomless pit know as tobacco control… incredible really as they are further rewarded for being a complete failure.

     We are in times of supposed austerity yet quangos such as ASH recieve much money fro the likes of CRUK who live from the donations sent in by ‘Joe Public’ (more fool them). MPs award themselve £10-20,000 pay rises for getting this country deeper & deeper in the mire and yet, the one thing that guarantees approximately £11m per annum (Tobacco taxes) are supposedly going to reduce to zero. Now where are they going to re-invent that revenue from I ask?

     The amazing thing is that all the arguments about smoking fall completely flat apart from the fact that some (only some) people abhor the smell of burning tobacco. Smoking related treatments cost the NHS a mere £2.7bn per annum, alcohol related treatments cost nigh on £4bn and obesity costs, naturally, are afforded the fattest figure of some £5.9bn per annum. So when you consider that smokers contribute about £11bn to the economy they provide a very nice surplus of £8.3bn for any government to waste, as it sees fit to waste!

We can see, in good friend Godfrrey Bloom’s own words that,  “There seems to be a maniacal hatred of the smoker worthy of Adolf Hitler.” Godfrey is not wrong as we see the idotic campaign now looking to ban menthol cigarettes on the grounds that ‘the consumer might be fooled into thinking it was not a tobacco product.’ Exactly how stupid do they think people are? Godfrey is also right when he tars them as “intellectual pygmies”-personally I think that description might be insulting pygmies!

That the world has gone mad is not doubted but what is of doubt is the availability of common sense in either Cameron, Milliban or that useless creature Clegg to ensure we come out of the EU entirel, trade on our own merits, return to normality and amend this ridiculous smoking ban before another 12,000 businesses bite the dust!

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