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How ideology suppresses the truth!

Dr. James Enstrom

Dr James Enstrom

     We have found out, through the destructive smoking bans worldwide, that truth matters not a jot as the ideological morons who see a smoke free world (impossibility by the way) as the way forward, simply remove from office anyone who stands in their way, objects to their methods or even thinks of doing so!

     Let’s take the career of Dr James Enstrom for instance. He teamed up with Geoffrey Kabat and between them they conducted the worlds largest ever study of definitions of smoking, non-smoking, harm to & harm from etc etc. This study covered in excess of 116,000 people and to the horror of the ACS (American Cancer Society) who financially supported this monster study, the results were not what the ACS wanted-so they pulled the financial plug. We are talking here of a man opf the utmost integrity but a man who was fired from his University of California position after 35 years of diligent service!


An attempt to muzzle scientific debate and academic freedom on a University of California college campus is at the root of the wrongful termination lawsuit of Dr. James Enstrom.

Dr Geoffrey Kabat

     The study was ‘buried’ until a nosey journalist uncovered the truth and then a miserable ‘cover-up’ was ordained (presumably by the ACS (?) and Enstrom/Kabat discredited – all because their years of industry did not suit the fashionable notions of present day!

You read all about it here folks:

And always remember folks, the World Health Organisation have now declared SHS as harmless!




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