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This is the area where we show you just how corrupt our legal system is becoming as our legal wallahs desperately try to follow the EU’s disgraceful directive of enforcing the smoking ban laws with the utmo0st severity-whether guilt is proven or not. The old maxim of ‘innocent until proven otherwise‘ has sailed out of the window with the implementation of this evil, socially destructive law.I have sat in courts and witnessed the absolute twaddle uttered by learned men of the silk-it is no wonder that this country is going downhill……FAST!


It is an absolute disgrace that good, solid British businesses are being systematically wiped out in a vain attempt to create the ideologists utopia-a “smoke free land“. As I’ve said on many occasion before, “yeah, righty ho then, that is certainly one dream too many for even the most stalwart of anti-tobacco lunatics.”

The biggest problem we have of course is that justice has disappeared over the hill with its backside on fire as the courts use any smoking related offences as a “cash-cow” to pump up (finance) our rapidly bankrupting country. You will scratch your collective heads at the judgements and penalties dished out, especially in many of the cases of our Asian friends as they struggle to make their hard earned shisha businesses stay afloat!

If you want to join the fight to claim our once great nation back from this ludicrous “Nanny State” then please feel free to join Justice4Smokers.co.uk immediately – after all, what is £1 per month compared to losing all your freedoms one by one?

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