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Smoking in cars-needless ban!

     The Danish Cancer Society, Kræftens Bekæmpelse, (their equivalent of CRUK) have declared that a ban on smoking in cars to be absolutely pointless! The truth is out-hoorah for that I say. Unsurprisingly the Danes opt for more education, not more bans – unlike our idiotic politicians who now now see freedom of choice & property rights as their own domain to lord over.

     It is absolutely ridiculous that a law be passed stating that you cannot smoke in your own property, whether children be in it or not, but that is what has happened to all business owners as no one is allowed to smoke in a business premises anymore-hence the loss of 15,000 pubs & clubs!No politicians seemed to have grasped the concept of CHOICE!

     Now that the ban is extended to cars with children in them the invasion into property rights is even deeper! Was I still a driving person going about my daily business I would have a life sized child dummy strapped into the back seat of the car 24/7 and credible witnesses to testify that said dummy was in fact a dummy! You may laugh but I promise you this, if an EHO declared the dummy to be a ‘live-child’ then the magistrates would take their word for it so be warned-for most of the magistrates are mindless dummies themselves and all they are instructed to do is to relieve any possible smoking offender of monies – truth matters not I assure you!


Amazingly life-like are some dummies!

     They (the busybodies) bang on about a whiff of SHS harming small children when, on a daily, hourly, minute basis, small children are being transported by their doting parents in the midst of clouds of evil, toxic, stinking exhaust fumes – that’s why I love this picture folks, it makes a complete mockery of allthe idiotic anti-smoking laws!

Allowed to smoke at 2 weeks old!….. tut tut Mr Government!

     Why do we have smoking bans when we have ridiculous situation like this where even the smallest child is unprotected and inhales vast quantities of highly toxic air? The answer is simple my friends: corrupt governments profiting (somewhere along the line) from the cast financial set up of the big pharmaceutical industries who are the one’s set to profit from all such bans.

Sales haven’t diminished with the silly pictures now on packets!

     There will be a day of reckoning and I don’t think it is too far away as more and more businesses close thus depriving the Treasury (our simple minded government) of more and more revenue. The point will soon be reached where more £’s need to go out than are actually coming in – yet the same percentage of people will still be smoking! And this compounds Alan Auld’s legal action for they (government) have taken away his rights to socialise, which is why we need to back this man to the hilt!

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