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Canadian lunacy v Property Rights

Morning folks, you won’t believe this, but it’s true and happening in Langley, British Columbia at the moment. A 70 year old gentleman, who happens to enjoy smoking, is being taken to court to try and force him out of his home because the organisation behind the homes (condo’s) have decided that they don’t want smoking in the properties. The strange thing being that this gentleman, a war veteran no less, OWNS his ‘condo’ and therefore is entitled to live as he pleases providing he is doiung no harm to anyone – and he clearly isn’t.





Read this link and form your own opinions as I can’t say much about the case for obvious reasons (to some of you at any rate!) Also for your perusal is the ‘Petition’ launched against this gentleman: The ‘petition’ cites the dangers of second-hand smoke as well as fears that Aradi might fall asleep while smoking and cause a fire. The strata owners claim the smell of stale cigarette smoke diminishes their enjoyment of the building and might lower the value of their condos. (And I think they are so cocksure of themselves they actually think that they can win with this absolute garbage!)
(more to follow….. )

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