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    Think of this folks: if every smoker (and every objector to the smoking ban/nanny state) donated £5 per month (not even the cost of 20 fags now!) we would soon have the money to tie this government up in legal knots and cause absolute mayhem in the court system. I say cause mayhem because the first question to be asked in any court nowadays is “do you, the court, promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?” If the judge and court officials say yes then you have them by the ‘short n curlies’ for this smoking ban has corrupted our legal system beyond belief – and WE (Justice4Smokers) have the proof of such.

The EU dictated that “examples were to be made of prominent anti bansters” and “under any circumstances possible” so as to force people to comply with the smoking bans. I have seen defence solicitors purposely NOT asking the right questions for fear of ‘going against‘ the establishment, the status quo etc – and these orders have been carried out to such effect that, in this country, you are no longer innocent until proven guilty, instead (anything smoking related) is now considered guilty unless miraculously proven incontravertibly innocent. And local council enforcement officers know this only too well!


It is abundantly clear that the Big Pharma/ Big Government steamroller is intent on turning this country into the most boring, mundane, lifeless country possible. The only way we can stop this happening is by ‘people power’; ie, people from all walks of life joining together to fight this immense medical oppression.

     It started with the anti-smoking brigade but now it is blossoming into anti alcohol , anti beefburgers, anti soft drinks, anti salts, anti sugars, anti obesity etc. We are fast becoming the epitome of a ‘nanny state’ (Stepford), our days of democracy are disappearing-and this must stop.

Poster: THE STEPFORD WIVES, Katharine Ross on 1975.

We ask that you join Justice4Smokers.co uk (now on facebook) for three simple reasons:


1….. to stop this absolute discrimination against certain minority factions within our society through legal means:
2….. to return this junk science based interference to the dustbin, from whence it came, through legal means:

3….. to get the amendment so badly needed by thousands of businesses around the country, which will allow them separate smoking rooms, thus build the trade up again that this law so cruelly took away:


     You can join Justice4Smokers  with either:

a ‘one-off’ annual payment of £12.00 (Cheques made payable to ‘smokersjustice’ )  or as a club or pub (business) with a‘one-off’ annual payment of £24.00 and sent to:


37,Windley Road,




or simply set up a

You can easily set up a STANDING ORDER with your bank and pay a minimal £1/£2/£5 per month – or more if you can afford it (as many of our members prefer to do).

Sort Code: 54-21-50

Acc No:     30281849


     We are a non profit organisation relying on subscriptions & donations to pay for printing, postage etc – a never ending but spiralling cost.
It was the power of this organisation, and other major bloggers, that ensured the release of Nick Hogan & Chris Carter from Smoke-Ban related custodial sentences. Of course both prison sentences were at the behest of the EU  who set out to ‘make examples’ of anyone who dared defy their objective. But the EU is now virtually bankrupt, as we will be soon if we continue to follow their out of contol downward charge!
Join now, bring common sense back to the politics of this country and help save Britain from certain self destruction!

The power is in your hands people!


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