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ASH/CRUK ejaculate again!

The good old days when people could enjoy their lives! 

     Remember todays date, Friday 20th May, 2016, for this is the day when the crowing retards of ASH/CRUK/FRESH and all the other anti-smoking lobbyists ejaculate heartily into the ‘cup of complete discrimination’ Today is the day when cigarette packet laws change forever with the implementation of “drab green” packaging – which of course will cause every smoker to instantly give up and all youngsters should be so bored with “drab green” that smoking will never enter their tiny minds! Oh yes, sales of ’10 cigarettes’ will cease as well – which will immediately increase illegal cigarette trading of course!

Under the new law, all cigarette boxes will be one uniform colour – a dull green – and will be the exact same size and shape so you will need to watch out for idiot sales people who are more than likely to pass you the wrong brand – we have an information sheet on how to handle these dimwits so don’t worry about thinking YOU may be in the wrong when asking to see the display shelves full of “drab green” packets.

Apparently, the pretty pictures now adorning fag packets are all decreed to take up 65% of the packaging with brand names in very small print – so beware of myopic sales persons. All these silly pictures, many of them absolutly nothing to do with smokers/smoking are supposedly sending smokers into the arms of all these publicly funded ‘quit smoking’ organisations that suddenly sprang to life in the ‘noughties’. Let’s have a little look at the ludicrous pictures shall we? So sad that SMOKE FREE SW have been liquidated courtesy of funding cutbacks by their local council!

  a)… Throat cancers: they missed out the word “CAN” but then again they never bother with ‘small talk’. A well regarded American University did a major study and found that 65% of THROAT CANCERS were caused by the HPV (virus); ie, oral sex etc, 21% caused through alcohol abuse, 12% by tobacco use & 2% ‘other’! Now you don’t see ASH/CRUK et al banging that little statistic around do you!

b)… Isn’t it strange how they absolutely forbid a child to inhale, now proven harmless, SHS yet it is quite OK for all kids (any age) to inhale the direly toxic exhaust fumes from all the heavy traffic on our roads etc It really is the wierdest, back to front situation one could imagine!

3 weeks old & smokin’ !


c)… Well I never. Smoking was never associated with blindness until they were searching for multiple reasons to ban smoking! If smoking is a cause of blindness then air pollution has to be a major factor too for the WHO themselves have stated that “AP” is a major cause of cancers/illnesses.

What people have to understand is that the WHO have set a target of a smoke free planet by the year ‘infinity’, therefore, all these silly co#untries who signed their intial TPD some years ago suddenly found themselves at the behest of every whim of the WHO. The whole thing was based on a lie invented by Godber in 1975 and has simply grown to be a bigger lie ever since! A few years ago the WHO declared that SHS was a bigger killer than ‘sarin gas’ yet now SHS is declared harmless-all the crooked ‘scientists had to swallow a bitter pill of truth.

Anyway, all the new regulations are in this article in the METRO and funnily enough they contacted me yesterday for a quote, which was:-

“Banning flavoured tobacco is totally absurd and simply goes to show that ‘freedom of choice’ is a thing of the past in this dictatorship of a country where democracy died long ago! The lies & fabrications which brought about the tobacco/smoking bans have now been uncovered but it makes no difference to the anti tobacco mabsters funded by the very people they persecute. Ask one simple question: if we can have multi flavoured sweets for those who enjoy sweets, then why not multi flavoured tobacco’s? Hitler persecuted….. and look at the price HE paid!”

Best wishes Phil J…..

Now I wonder why they didn’t print that rather pleasant quote???

     Vapers suddenly find themselves at the sharp end of the stick too. After much crowing & guffawing at the plight of the poor old ‘fag man’ they now find that E-cigarettes are now subject to a whole new set of regulations. For example, the advertising of vapes is now almost totally banned. Plus, any e-cigs with a nicotine concentration above 20mg/ml will need to be licensed as a medicine and therefore subject to the same strict regulations as over-the-counter drugs.

     You see folks, the pharmaceutical industry has finally got what they wanted-control of the e-cig: now watch the ’20mg/ml’ be dramatically reduced to above 10mg/ml and then 5mg/ml so that Big Pharma can have total control of smokers/vapers lives!

     And do you know the amazing thing in all this discrimination against those who have made a choice? cancer rates are still rising and will continue to rise as years go by. They are telling us that by quitting smoking/vaping we will all live longer but in reality they want us all to die aged 65 + 1 day as the Welfare Bill for this countries elderly is absolutely phenominal. Can you work out what’s going on because apart form a load of contradictions I certainly can’t. Still, this latest raft of anti tobacco laws will have the likes of Arnott, Duffy, Bauld et al ejaculating all over their desktops/laptops!

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