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The mental illness in our mental health staff!

     Yes indeedy, we have been quiet of late but that is simply because of an ongoing battle with a Leicester Mental Health supremo who has little regard for some of his patients welfare – and yes, that is true.

     A Dr Peter Miller was made the new chief executive of Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust … Dr Miller is now the ‘Head Honcho’ in the Bradgate Unit, at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester. The Bradgate Unit is the building set aside for mental health patients but unfortunately there mental health is only of concern if it doesn’t involve smoking a cigarette! There is an irony here as my Dr, when I was a small child, awas also named Peter Miller, a man that never smoked a cigarette in his life but died of lung cancer! This Dr Miller is a staunch anti-tobacco zealot who happily denies his mentally disturbed patients a nice, relaxing cigarette….. because of a cruel hospital policy that states “No smoking on hospital grounds“-which of course everyone else simply ignores. Mental health patients can’t ignore the rule as they need to be supervised when they go outside.

     Helen Charlesworth is one such patient and Simon Clarke (FOREST) picked up on this story very quickly as it typifies the hatred for smokers that all non smoking zealots have. It is simply inconceivable to these people that a simple cigarette can have such a calming effect on any person, never mind an agitated mentally disturbed patient!

     Here are some excerpts from what Helen had to say:

  • Helen, who is bipolar and suffers from personality disorder, said: “I was given patches but they didn’t work and I have tried an e-cigarette but I am becoming more and more depressed because I can’t have a cigarette.
  • “People used to be able to have e-cigarettes in the garden but even that has now been stopped.”
  • “People used to be able to smoke in the garden at the Bradgate unit but because there is a ban on smoking in the grounds now some patients are being escorted on smoking walks.”
  • “They have to go right up by the A50, which could be quite dangerous and put some people at risk, especially is someone had suicidal thoughts. It is also taking staff longer because of the distance.”
  • “It is not just the patients. I know that many of the staff don’t agree with the ban either.”

     Sadly it seems that  Liz Kendall is the MP for the Glenfield Hospital area according to the ‘They Work for You’ website – I have my severest doubts about that in this case however.

     As the responses to my letters to the (so called) good Dr Peter Miller have only seen the par normal answers and the usual repostes to the anti-smoking brigades normal claims of millions of early deaths etc. Now it seems that the good Dr is OK with smokers just as long as they don’t smoke on hospital grounds, BUT, here is the crunch: because people like Helen need an escort ‘off the grounds‘ to be able to smoke a nice relaxing cigarette she is now bullied into NOT being able to have a smoke! This smoker intimidation at its very cruelest but that doesn’t seem to matter to the likes of the despicable Dr Miller.

     It is quite bizarre really because I have to make plenty of trips to Glenfield Hospital, for various reasons, and there is never an occasion when I DON’T see at least three (3) people enjoying that which we all have the basic human right to enjoy – should we so desire. Using the ‘Hospital Grounds’ rule is non enforceable in law and is totally discrimminatory against mental health patients such as Helen Charlesworth.

Map of The Bradgate Mental Health Unit

     Now if you have a quick peek at this simple map you will see where the bulk of the hospital sits and where the Bradgate Unit sits – a hell of a distance apart! Where the Bradgate Unit is there is absolutely nothing to stop anyone sitting, relaxing with a cigarette -except the ‘boss eyed loons’ who make such decrees re smoking. In order to ‘smoke off-site’ Helen & ‘armaguard’ would have to stomp all the way over to the very busy A50 which carries in excess of 1,000 vehicles per hour – just think of all those toxic exhaust fumes emanting from all those exhaust pipes yet Dr ‘Windy’ Miller is concerned about a wisp 0f cigarette smoke, not patient care! We all now know that smoking bans were the result of lies, fabrications, manipulasted statistics & junk science but the lengths some of the medical profession will go to  in banning smoking/smokers is absolutely ridiculous.

     Interestingly Dr Miller states “Unfortunately we are unable to comment on the care provided to a patient outside of leicestershire Partnership Trust, however we do wish to assure you that patient safety and wellbeing is at the centre of all that we do at LPT and we take your concerns seriously.” Now as we all know, that is a complete load of BS for they couldn’t care less about my concerns and nor could they give a jot about the patients ‘wellbeing’ for if they did they would escort Helen to an outside area in order that she could enjoy a nice calming, relaxing cigarette. Perhaps they prefer a needle in the arm or a straitjacket – who knows?

     He also goes on to state the obvious; ie that which they always state about smoking but also include ‘SHS (passive smoking) which we all now know is completely harmless – especially outside in open spaces. Even the World Health Organisation has admitted such now!

The above correspondence was sent to me on June 30th, to which I immediately replied but as yet the ‘good’ Dr has not deigned to reply to squash or deny the 23 points of fact that I put to him – because he can’t! I doubt that he/they will respond again for they know they cannot answer my questions without proving that they are simply liars and the only way to take them apart is in the High Court but of course they know that we cannot afford such a move wheras ‘they’ would aste £millions simply to save face! Still, I can always knock on the door at the Bradgate Unit and ask some pertinent questions: now that might be fun but until then we can only hope that unforunate souls like Helen Charlesworth don’t see their condition worsen courtesy of the intransigence of the troglodytic mental attitudes of the powers that be.

Phil J

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