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Kerry Fenton (The Cutting Edge)

The Cutting Edge

This is a beautiful tale of how to start the complete destruction of a nation’s finances in pursuit of a crackpot piece of ideology! You really do have to absorb every word of this to comprehend the stupidity of those that supposedly ‘know best’.

Plans to build a new housing development on the site of a former pub in Worsborough, Barnsley, have met a few problems, but we are not bothered about ‘those’ plans. Our story is far more about the destruction of our social culture.

The pub , “The Cutting Edge” hit the headlines in May (2009), when landlady Kerry Fenton , who was merely trying to turn around the ailing business set up a “Smoking Research Centre” in a separate room. The idea was simple really. All customers had to do was pay a 50p donation (CRUK happily received the money) and then fill in a short survey form-in the interests of research into the effects of the smoking ban.

Word soon got round Worsborough and attendances rocketed. From her usual 3 or 4 customers per evening   Kerry suddenly found herself facing 49 happy smiling faces on the Friday night. Even the non-smokers paid the 50p to enter the research room as they had been left on their own in the main bar! Takings rocketed in a week-but then the inevitable! Kerry, had to be silenced before too much damage was done.

The local council marched in. Punch Taverns marched in and all hell let loose. The pub was closed down very rapidly, the council issued warnings as to future conduct and possible prosecution and Kerry Fenton was rendered homeless/jobless! Good law this smoking ban, eh?

( CHOICE – all that is needed!)

What this proved, beyond all reasonable doubt, was that:-

Smokers keep pubs in business!
Smokers provide plenty of the ‘hard earned’ behind the bar!
Smokers attend pubs that allow smoking!
Choice was always the option but it was ignored in favour of a social engineering programme that WILL bankrupt this country!
Using a very clever reason (research facility, though not actually publicly recorded as a research centre through the local council) Kerry proved that pubs need smokers. She embarrassed the local council, she embarrassed Punch Taverns, she embarrassed this pathetically Draconian law. Luckily, Kerry was not prosecuted for her efforts (miraculous actually that she avoided prosecution), yet she still lost her job and her home and her livelyhood because of the exercise.

As things have transpired, Punch Taverns, who owned the pub and were totally embarrassed by this blatant exhibition of objection to this law, are now in the marvellous position of being almost finished as a business! And I say good riddance to them. They brown-nosed Blairs pathetic government by sitting back and waiting for the supposed millions of “clean air drinkers” to arrive and have watched their shares drop from £13.68 (pre-ban) to a now magnificent £00.067p per share – and still ONLY owe £2.4bn!

Justice4Smokers 2010.

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