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The Jolly Brewer (Lincoln)

The Jolly Brewer


Now we come to a case study with quite a different ending. Indeed, this is just how it should be.

I was contacted by lady who runs a pub, in Lincoln, last year. Emma told me a tale of woe about her previous pubs and what the smoking ban had done to them, not least the stress caused to her! The pub she was now running was not tied to any particular brewery, it was a Freehouse which meant she could bargain with suppliers for her beer supplies.

Although the pub was city centre type with only a pathway between the frontage and the main road (as you can clearly see) it had a good sized courtyard at the back with a simple “shed” type construction running the length of one wall; ie’ somewhere musicians could practice their talents. She asked if we could arrange a “Smokers Music Festival”?

The local EHO had scoffed at the idea and simply said, “good luck with that then”.

Short notice but we “went for it” – with Internet advertising and a few posters in & around Lincoln. She organised the bands by offering a free venue for them to be heard, organised a compere and we organised a “stall” with banners and a plentiful supply of information packs on the lies, fabrications, manipulated statistics & junk science that led to the implementation of the SmokeBan.

Our mob got there early and we waited with bated breath to see how many turned up for the event-for we had never tried anything like this before. We need not have worried!

We counted 234 happy revellers (aged between 18-75) packed into the courtyard by 8.30pm (the music started @ 8pm) and we ran out of info packs as the people there all wanted to know about the ban. All our members were kept busy answering questions throughout the night as people wanted more and more information about this evil ban-most of them were totally clueless, bless them, and some even thought that the government hype about standing next to a smoker meant you could “catch cancer”. It is easy to see from this simple exercise just how gullible people really are and more so, just how governments tap into the fear factor that we all have (about something or other!) Total mass indoctrination is what it is.

For God’s sake!

As for Emma? well she obviously knew her onions (and her customers) for she had stocked up on barrels of beer, spirits, soft drinks-the lot.
She had 6 staff on the go (yes it’s true SIX!) whereas on a normal Saturday night she would usually have one, two at the most. There were even non smokers there who had come for the music, though they mingled with the smokers. (none of them even died!) We were absolutely certain that an EHO would attend so a sign was put up asking “Please respect the licensees business, no lit cigarettes past this point!” Not one single person transgressed, even when drunk! Everyone present respected the fact that Emma had set this night up for smokers to enjoy themselves – and by God they did! There was no arguing or fighting, not even a petty squabble!

You may wonder where this is leading and also why this is a case study; read on folks!

Gillian Merron (a vile creature indeed) is (happily it is now WAS) the MP for Lincoln, she is/was also the Health Minister in Labours Government and she is also a rabid anti-smoking bitch!

                             (So popular she lost her seat to the Tories!)

This night showed her assertions to be all wrong for a young lady (cost me a fiver) trotted round the surrounding pubs and counted the grand total of 34 souls drinking. On a Saturday night in a city centre that is pathetic indeed-not even 7 punters per pub! Yet we attracted 234-how come? This wonderful night of happy banter, smoking, drinking & musice typified all that a pub should be. The pub, just around the corner, that I stayed overnight in has since closed – due to lack of patronage, yet even they welcomed a smokers night at another pub and advertised it for us!

Emma gets all her beer from independent suppliers, therefore beats the brewery owned pubs/tied tenants hands down with selling price to consumers.

Other pubs have had music nights but have never attracted such numbers-how come?
This night proved to any anti smoker, with even only half a brain cell, that smokers keep pubs in business. Smokers are the mainstay of our hospitality sector.

Smokers simply want to enjoy themselves without fear of prosecution or fine and are happy to put plenty of dosh behind the bar in pursuit of that enjoyment. That night also proved that this law is wrong! 228 smokers & 6 non smokers all together enjoying a marvellous night out.

Emma took so much money behind the bar that she had a short winter holiday in November (her 1st for 7 years!) and both she & I wrote to Gillian Merron informing her of the above and asked why she didn’t attend? Neither of us have had a reply yet so I don’t suppose we’ll get one now.

The smokers & non smokers all enjoyed themselves, there was nothing untoward occurring whereby Emma could face any form of prosecution as no laws were even dented, never mind broken. It was a night of sheer unadulterated bliss for 234 people which in turn made one licensee exceedingly happy.

It just goes to show that when we get CHOICE prosecutions will be a thing of the past for smoking pubs will flourish and non smoking pubs…..well, they’ll just have to soldier on as best they can!

This night will be repeated again  (when we find another suitable venue) and we are approaching more venues to host such nights for it is only by people banding together that we will get this spiteful restrictive law reformed so that all licensees regain their human rights, their business rights & their civil liberties.

What happened to Tony, Nick & Hamish was illegal and immoral which is why we must take this law on in the courts with unbiased legal representation and in Parliament with unbiased MPs, so that more licensees don’t become entangled in the web of lies & deceit spun by our new “smoke police”, the EHO’s, who seemingly have the full backing of the Judiciary.

We need your help to make this happen and all we ask is £1  per month from YOU. Had the licensees banded together from the very start of all this lawmaking we would now have a completely different format where CHOICE was the order of the day.

Just imagine how many pints Emma & staff sold that Saturday night!

Just imagine Emma’s unadulterated joy as she paid out 6 wages (for a change), took out all her expenditures and then proceeded to count a pile that she had long since forgotten she could earn in this now strangulated pub trade. No wonder she immediately went online and booked a short break-away from this country!

Can you host “Smokers Music Festival”? – if so get in touch at admin@justice4smokers.co.uk

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